Design Workshop

02The workshop dedicated to graphic and 3D design is the most successful area at Workwise. It has a computer room equipped with 20 of the latest generation workstations, drawing tablets, a printing and a 3D creation workshop.

Each course takes a whole year to graduate. At the end, each participant receives an attendance diploma, which can help him or her hire on jobs that require a design specialization.

The course starts with an introduction to design principles, a drawing class, and a color use and interpretation. These basic courses are mandatory both for the graphic and object designers. During the first month of the course, they will develop the skills to design. This sense is accessed with each new project.

After this moment, each branch has a distinct path to learn the basic knowledge. The graphic designers learn about fonts and character design, page alignment, learning and leading, while the object designers learn about the tridimensional space, composition and functionality. Each department teaches specific software. The students learn the complicated functions of this specific software as they are facing the briefs for each project. They learn by applying. This technique builds a better understanding and application of the tools of a program.

The pieces created in both the departments have a chance to be printed in 2D or 3D. The graphic designers can print their posters, magazines, books, at the high and large quality printing machines, while the object designers can see milled or 3D printed the forms they built in the virtual space. An additional painting workshop brings life into projects, with the applied colors on the beautiful models.

At the end of each year, an exhibition of the graduates is organized to celebrate the students which complete their education. Some items get sold very fast, even from the graduate’s exhibition.