Here, you will read everything about Workwise. It is a workshop created for the adults who have passed through a mental illness phase, but who want to surpass this moment and try to integrate themselves again in the society, even work. Workwise offers many courses which can help these adults gain important knowledge and learn about the new methods and processes used in these industries.

Workwise’s general presentation will quickly run through the purpose of the organization, and its internal functions. It is independent, and self-sustainable. The material supply is assured by the little contribution from each enrolled person, while the maintenance costs are supported from the items sold in the shop.

The workshop facilities explain all the modern machineries found at Workwise. The equipment is composed of state of the art workstations, laser cutter, printing and 3D printing machines, and spaces for creating classic art and sculpture.

The woodcraft workshop explains the value of an object created by hand, and the long past it had in the history of mankind.

Handmade jewelry workshop runs through the process of creating modern jewelry with Fimo, semi-precious stones and silver string.

Textile design workshop explains the process of creating pieces of clothes or interior design items with knitting, crochet, printing and sewing techniques.

The classic art course is taught all year round. It has many specialties, depending on the medium: oil painting, acrylic, watercolor, ink and pigment.

Design workshop has a configuration similar to the classic arts. The graduates, which attend the full year round course, have the chance to be hired as graphic or product designers.

Financing and management are the only theoretical courses. Their purpose is to create financial experts and leaders for both the corporate and state institutions.