Financing and Management Workshops

progs-mba-financialmanFinance and management are the two theoretical fields taught at Workwise. Finance teaches about the investment flow, the dynamics of funds under certain conditions or over a time period, and under the pressure of unpredictability and exposure. In a few words, finance manages the science of money flow. There are many variables and much math implied into these study fields.

The finance science has a basic study field, but it specializes with each application it is used for. Example: a corporate finance will be different from the state finance, or the personal finance.

Many people interested in managing their finances better and understanding the momentary flow, the bank system and its features follow this course. It is a basic knowledge that is never a useless asset.

The ones that desire to specialize or follow a career in this path take the whole course and the specialization it captures their interest. Currently, Workwise offers corporate and state finance branches. The corporate finances deal with the structure of capital in corporations, and how the manager’s decisions increase or lower the value of a company. The state finances relate to the state, municipalities and provinces finances applied to the public institutions.

The management course teaches about the tools, choices and strategies of a manager. The leadership principles for the different types of institutions are the same. Someone that gained the skills in this specialization can run both the state and the private sector institutions.

The big trend nowadays is to create leaders, instead of bosses. This means that the leaders will inspire people to work, by working with them, while bosses will just order to their subordinates to complete their tasks. The objective here is to create managers with leadership principles, which will help the people assigned to his or hers department to grow and bring benefits to the institution in cause.