Handmade Jewellery Workshop

ever-true-jewellery-handmadeThe handmade jewelry workshop has just been introduced due to the big request for this type of art. The majority of the modern women choose to wear handmade jewelry, instead of expensive, exquisite pieces. The reason is that they are cheaper price wise and that they can be assorted in shape and color with many wardrobe pieces.

Many of the modern jewelry pieces can contain gem or semi-precious stones, which are known to influence the mood or the aura of the person wearing it. They are colored, and very modern: turquoise, hematite, tigers-eye, quartz, tourmaline, pyrite, sulfite, malachite, ruby, agate, amethyst, jasper, lapis lazuli and many more.

Due to their unique shapes, they can be fit into jewelry parts in different ways. They can be drilled, fixed with silver wires or locked inside a material called Fimo.

The workshop area dedicated to modern jewelry has many of these materials available for the immediate use. Some artists prefer to use Fimo pasta, which is colored polymer clay that can be bought in many colors, and processed in even more. The material is modeled by hand into the desired shape, baked in a special oven for about 30 minutes, at temperatures as high as 130 Celsius degree. After it has been baked, it can be further processed. Some choose to cut it, drill holes into it to attach other elements, sand it, pain it with different models or lacquer it.

The process of mixing different fimo colors is fascinating. The workshop has some talented people which can teach anyone the basic marbling, color mixing, caning or bull’s eye cane techniques. The most known mixing technique between two colors is made with the help of a pasta machine, which creates very beautiful gradients.

Caning or millefiori is a technique which involves a bit more attention. It is achieved with the construction of a 3D shape with various design elements, pulled or pushed. In the end, this shape is cut into thin layers that have a design which is resulted from these actions.