How to Turn Your Old Shed Into a Woodcraft Workshop

Most people who are DIY enthusiasts have developed a passion for woodwork. There is nothing quite like cutting and planing your own wood and creating something unique. Aside from a few inexpensive tools, all you need is somewhere to work and the desire to explore your ideas. There is no better place than your old garden shed to convert into a functional woodcraft shop. With a little planning, you can create an inviting and airy space ideal for working on your latest project. Your workshop should reflect you and your hobby, and it should be a place where you can enjoy yourself.

shutterstock_147381611Workshops need a well organised space

A workshop should be well organised and there is software that can help with design, but it is easy to plan yourself. Good storage and work surfaces are the keys to your perfect workshop. The work surface should be a good size for normal projects and be very sturdy. Staining, rather than painting, will prevent storage and work tops from being scratched. Tools should be kept easily accessible – a pegboard with hooks and rolling shelves are both very practical solutions. It is a good idea to replace one roof panel with a plastic sheet to create more light and also to consider heating for the winter.

The finishing touches

Remember to leave some open areas to store large materials and for new projects. Make sure that there is enough light to work comfortably, secure your shed with a good padlock and power up your tools. Once the practical work is finished, create some extra touches to brighten up your work area and make it more inviting. Add some flower boxes or your favourite DIY books and a radio. If you have the space, put a comfortable chair in a free corner. It is important to have somewhere to rest and enjoy that well earned cup of coffee.