CNC Cutting Service

Workwise provide access to CNC technology and cutting services for all.  An aspect of social enterprise at Workwise, with many commercial customers delighted with our reliable, high-quality, and affordable service.

CNC cutting is one of the many commercial services that Workwise has to offer.  Why not contact Workwise for a quote and cut your job time dramatically?  We thrive on diversity and we love a challenge. 

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CNC Cutting Service

Work-based Training

Offering adults with mental ill health the chance to develop news skills in a supportive work environment.

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Work-based Training

Established in 1986, Workwise is a specialist adult training organisation in Bury St Edmunds.

We provide work-based training and work experience in a realistic and supportive environment, supported by reskilling activities and opportunities to take qualifications. Workwise also provides outreach employment support and motivational GOALS courses.

If you think any of our services could be of benefit to you, please contact us to discuss possibilities.

Workwise is part of Papworth Trust, a leading disability charity.

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