Textile Design Workshop

16306006706_5b44dbf618_zThe textile design workshop enables the passionate of this area to find their true calling and create beautiful pieces with the help of various techniques, such as knitting, printing or sewing. The workshop is fit to not only design clothes, but also small pieces, for interior design, such as curtains, pillow cases, or other creative items.

Textiles influence much the lives of any person, as they are necessary and useful, but they can also be tasteful and designed according to the personal preferences or the ambient of each house.

The clothes are another means of expressing one’s personality. Some prefer to dress in a certain style, color, material or texture, while others are more influenced by the seasonal collections, trends and styles the fashion industry dictates.

Nowadays, majority of textile designers make great use of computer software to project and create their pieces. Aligned with the latest trends in the industry, the Workwise workshop dedicated to textile design is equipped with the same techniques. The beginners start with a pen and paper design, the draft of a basic idea, while the most advanced produce their artistic output directly on the computer. The course teachers initiate each new participant the basics of pattern making and digital drawing for fashion.

After the initial steps, some choose to design directly with the help of the computer, while others draw by hand, scan their artwork and reconstruct or color their sketches in the digital space.

The next step is to create the hand printing screen for textile printing, the sewing pattern for the clothes or interior design items.

The knitting workshop teaches many types of yarn interlacing. Sweaters, winter scarves, tiny fashion elements such as collars, gloves, decorations of all types are created here. Many of the pieces are exhibited, appreciated and sold in the Workwise shop.