The Woodcraft Workshop

designcircle-woodcraft-300x300Wood has been amongst the fundamental materials used by humans since the beginning of time. The first tools used to shape this raw material found everywhere on Earth was from natural origin too: stones at first and metal tools later on, once with the Bronze and Iron Ages.

In all ancient civilizations known to us, there is proof of woodworking capabilities. The Ancient Egyptian civilization was so evolved in this art, that the majority of Egyptians had basic furniture pieces, such as the beds, tables, stools or chairs. This type of furniture is found today in large number in the pharaohs tombs.

Ancient Rome had its wood dedicated workshops too. Unfortunately, not many artifacts were preserved, but many books were published on the art of woodworking. Vitruvius and Pliny were two of the most important personalities to describe architecture related works and brand books on the different wood essences and their usage.

The Ancient Chinese populations also made use of the wood available in their regions. Specific to Chinese wood working is the joinery without any nails or glue and the colored lacquer treatment.

The modern technology in the industry is on large scale, but there are many artisans which are known, appreciated and sought after. At Workwise, the teachers and the enthusiasts joining the workshop wanted to revive the ancient style of wood processing. There are many types of woodcraft and sculpting course to be followed. All these are equipped with modern, quality tools, which enable almost anyone to transform the wood pieces into art.

The workshop offers the opportunity to work with any wood essence, but it is usually advised to start with the soft ones at first. A few basic machines for drilling, cutting raw pieces are to be found in the workshop. They help the craftsmen to chop off large blocks, and add final detail to their artwork.