The Workshop Facilities

workshop-close-up-www-largeThe workshop is open for the entire week for visitors. They are given a chance to buy the services offered by the workshop, or directly acquire the artwork produced within the walls of Workwise.

The most used and demanded services of the workshop are related to the 3D and graphic design areas. The workshop takes many printing orders, creates graphic material, both for printing and the digital space, and also builds models for different events or purposes.

The design workshop is furnished with high speed work stations, equipped with license for the most popular raster and vector image processors. The workstations are wired to high quality printing machines that can print large scale, on different material thicknesses and textures. The workshop is fitted with a laser cutter machine, which cuts with millimetrical precision in steel, wood boards, wood planks, cardboard, Plexiglas and other materials up to a thickness of 20 millimeters. The 3D workshop has a small five axes milling machine, which can create complicated objects from material blocks, such as polystyrene, wood, composite and polymer materials. An additional 3D printer can print the works created in the three dimensional virtual space with an accuracy of tens of a millimeter size.

The classic arts workshop area is equipped with tables, easels, canvases and the space to work with different type of colors: pigments, oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks.

The sculpture department teaches the art of carving and the art of modeling. Carving courses start with sculpture in soft essence woods and reaches to the marble level. Modeling is the basic training, which helps the participants built the knowledge of a three dimensional object.

The workshop has also many craftsmanship specializations, which preserve the practical skills invented a long time ago, and almost forgotten in the mist of time.

The skills taught in the workshop overcome the artistic field. Accounting, financing and management competences can be learned at Workwise.