Workwise- General Presentation

workwiseWorkwise is a workshop area created especially for adults with problems integrating themselves into society and towards the activity of working, after a mental disorder. The workshop area in the studio will help them develop new abilities; gain trust in themselves again, and rebuild their confidence. The activity in the workshop will also make them achieve skills that could help them integrate in the society and in the work force. The workshop covers diverse creative areas, helps people unleash their creativity and achieve emotional stability.

The existence of the organization is independent from the state or other private sector institutions. The funding and the management of Workwise are self-sustained, through the public exhibitions with sale. So far, the workshop has been able to sustain its maintenance costs successfully. As the art pieces sell, the participants in the workshop confidence in their talent.

The workshop also relies on a small modest sum each member is paying. These sums are usually used to update the material stocks for each workshop area.

The center offers courses all year round, which are taught in English. Participants can migrate from one course to the other, discuss and interact with the other people. They are even encouraged to try and find connections between different disciplines and create projects and products in cooperation with their fellows at the other departments.

Workwise aims to teach participants at the different courses to be aligned with the new technologies; how to use, practice and work with new technologies, and the new machines in the contemporary workplaces, will minimize the gap between the current skills of the participants and the requirements in employees demand. This journey over the bridge of technology can and will help the people who have suffered, or suffer from mental illnesses to integrate in the current work market.